Generation TKD

Generation Taekwondo 7th Anniversary Party

Carla Bayot

As he reflected on his 7th anniversary, Master Chino said, “My purpose is to share the things I’ve learned and the things I am learning with those that will have a chance to create a bigger impact than myself. This is all bigger than myself. Thank you God for giving me a platform to pursue my passion and fulfill my purpose.”   

Since opening the school, his outlook and purpose never wavered.  He reminisced, “I came back home to get back to my roots.  TKD is where it all started, and at the time the complete circle felt right to make a return to what I know best.”  The main difference was his return was not as an athlete, but as a teacher, mentor and coach.  Trying and unpacking all that he knew about the sport was the tricky part, and through the years the unpacking seemed to never cease.

He believed that his quest in learning from them is what helps him improve as a teacher.  He learned to be nimble and quick to grasp that the main focus was always about his kids.  Master Chino said with enthusiasm, “100% it’s always about the kids.  I try my best to teach them early on, that there is more to TKD than just kicking and punching.”  Doesn’t matter what age group he taught, Master Chino consistently talked his students in eye level.  He never spoke below them; never belittled nor made them feel small; and he never made them feel unwelcome.  

With years under his belt as a teacher, Master Chino whimsically said, “I can’t wait for the day, when my student will become the masters. And totally surpass all that I have done on my own as an athlete. Then only then, I will proudly say, I did something right.”

Generation TKD is not about him.  He started this because he thought he could add to the betterment of a kids’ upbringing.  Contributing to their growth was and still is his main purpose.  He delivers the purpose in the medium he knew best — TKD.

Here’s to more years to come!