Generation TKD

Generation TKD Team Heading To Detroit

Carla Bayot

Yesterday was the last day of competition class before all the US National athletes all descend upon Detroit, MI.  Master Chino chanted, “Believe!  Believe in your abilities, capabilities and strategies.  I may be there with you as your coach, but you are the one competing.  You need to go in there and just believe!”  His parting words reverberated amongst his kids as they embark to another IOC sanctioned tournament.  They will arrive in Detroit representing Generation TKD, but some may actually come back representing both the US National team and Generation.

Perseverance and sheer determination will eventually be the athletes secret weapon.  Master Chino has done all he could to prepare them.  He spared no one’s feelings, stamina and nerves.  His desire was to impart in them all he could within his power to ready them on the National Stage.

As the athletes and their parents depart, competition jitters will surely creep up on the kids.  As Master Chino said, “my kids are not robots.  They get scared and their nerves will tremble.  But once they’re on that ring, all that worry will be replaced with giving it their all.  Win or lose, my kids will perform that will make me and their parents proud.”  In the end, Generation TKD athletes will strive to stand above the fray and perform with decorum and style.  

Good luck and God bless to everyone during this journey.