Generation TKD

Generation TKD Picnic

Carla Bayot

Since the CA State Championship, the kids of Generation TKD were all working hard in preparation for the US National Championship TKD Tournament.  Outside the confines of the walls of GT, other schools were also honing their skills, drill and strategies, while some were working on their stamina and core.  But for the GT athletes, the gamut and array to prepare was to do it all and to do it hard.

Master Chino, Ms. Janelle Abcede and Mr. Ray Sambrano banded and created a great TKD boot camp.  There were a lot of huffing and puffing, sweating and swearing, but through it all the athletes knew that this is what they’ve all been working up to the past year.  Their desires and aspirations were also Master Chino’s.  He said, “for as long as these kids want the win, my staff and I will do all within my power to get them ready.”  He continued, “regardless of the outcome in sparring and poomsae, I want them to learn and grow from these experiences, and not take these moments for granted.  It’s the journey that matters.”

After 3 weeks of the boot camp, the countdown to the US National Championship has now become mere days.  How did Generation TKD close it up?  With a picnic of course!  Every year, Master Chino invited everyone from the studio to participate and bid the competition team some well wishes before they all fly away.  

The annual Generation TKD picnic started off with the competition team running a 4-6 mile light jog at Lake Elizabeth.  Mind you, running at Lake Elizabeth was no small feat for these kids.  The heat, walkers, bikers, duck poop, wind, pollen and lest we forget the ducks were challenging obstacles which tried to prevent them from finishing off the run under an hour.  The kids never wavered.  As much as they wanted to rest and just chill with the parents, the kids knew there was work to be done.  Master Chino concluded the afternoon with, “Good vibrations all around for a job well done for my kids.  They all deserve what is there in store for them.  Ok now party!”