Generation TKD

Happy Easter From Generation TKD

Carla Bayot

To most Christians, Good Friday was a holiday commemorating the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and his death.  It was observed as a day of mourning, which was followed by a day of celebration on Easter Sunday.  Easter is a festival of all sorts of celebration associated with the resurrection of Jesus from the dead.

To Master Chino, the meaning of Easter had always been an important lesson in his household. Master Cruz and his mom reminded him and his siblings of Jesus Christ's passion and sacrifices for us.  He kept His story in his heart and mind, especially during this auspicious weekend.  The teachings in His story taught him to live life with gratitude and to be thankful for the friends and family he has in his life. It also taught him how to live with passion, to allow his purpose to be the driving force that shaped his destiny. Easter was a time to recognize that we are given only what God knows we can handle. It's a time to be with the ones we love and to share the joy we have with one another.

As testament to everything Master Chino lived and abided by, he imparted these passions, sacrifices and faithfulness to his students at Generation TKD.  He strived always inspire and motivate his kids to find in themselves the story that will move them to be the grown up they wish to be.  Last night a belt promotion test occurred.  One student in particular who struck Master Chino the most was Jarod Ilas's promotion from red to junior black belt.  At one point, he could not break the last of the 4 boards he needed to break to seal the deal of his promotion.  For the life of him, Jarod kept coming short, until Master Chino spoke to him as if the two of them were the only ones in the room. Jarod mustered up the last bit of his energy and combined with some of Master Chino's words of inspiration.  The board broke in 2 and the audience went into a frenzied elation.

Master Chino expects excellence based on a number of factors not just one.  Just like his faith in Jesus, he used His teachings as the basis of how he conducts his school.  With that said, we from Generation TKD wish everyone a great Easter.