Generation TKD

California State Championship Recap

Carla Bayot

Two weekends ago, Generation TKD competition team and their families hopped on to Fresno for the California State Championship.  Needless to say. Master Chino was pumped and in the end all the athletes represented the team and themselves to the best of their abilities."  Master Chino said, "My expectations for these kids are pretty high.  The 2 days of competition was action packed, and in the end all my kids showed character and perseverance."  

One kid in particular who elevated the Generation TKD name as well as his was Russell Sambrano.  He was a back-to-back California State Champ in the Cadet bantam weight division brought down the Fresno Convention Center roof.  His serene and astute style of fighting was what made him dangerous.  He looked for the right opportunity, and never wasted his energy on hits he knew will go no where.  Master Chino mustered up, "Russell is as elite as it gets in the world of sparring.  His regimen - diet, workout and meditation, has built up to this moment.  He is ripe to win it all in the very near future."

As for the rest of his teammates, Tristan, Nathan, Kaelynn, Nico, Redrick, Jayden, Jeremiah, Sydney, Althea, Angel, Troy, Angelo, Jasmine, Alyssa, Treven and Collin their showings were for naught.  Nathan, Nico, Kaelynn, Jayden and Sydney did Generation proud by showing their A-game in poomsae.  Needless to say, the competitors in poomsae will shake at the mere mention that Generation's prowess would not remain just in sparring.  Master Chino chimed, "My kids' showing in forms at States was phenomenal.  I can't say enough good things about my forms coaches Mr. Joey Abcede and Mr. Andrew Moon.  Their respective students all showed up, and brought home medals."

Sparring for the young ones were strong and full of the Generation strength.  Our very own Jean Claude Van Damme star Redrick was every bit the showman he was.  Behind all the glitter was gold for that young man.  Not only did he gap them, but he did not even let them score.  As for the Cadets and Junior kids, Jeremiah's rookie showing at States was so memorable and impressive, he spoke to his dad about continuing it into the National stage in July.  Master Chino spoke of his elation, "That kid had no bye and he fought every single one of his opponents with such gusto.  They shuddered at the mere presence of his confidence and height.  I expect great things to happen with this young man." 

Hard work begins, now.  Qualifying was essential, but the true grit and determination would be measured on the regimen the kids would put in on the road to Nationals.  It was a mere 2 1/2 months away, but those 2 1/2 months will come faster than any of these kids can imagine.