Generation TKD

Last Fight Before States For Generation TKD

Carla Bayot

This is it!  States is just but a stones throw away, and the American TKD Open was just the right size of a tournament to get the Generation TKD kids ready.

First up was Sydney Moon competing in youth forms ring.  There was a field of 7 competitors which they split into 2 groups of 4 and 3. She ended up in the group of 4, where one of the competitor she met at the US Open.  As always, the unpredictability of TKD local tournaments was evident at the American Open.  Sydney lost out to the competitor who she beat out at the US Open tournament.  She was not so lucky here where she came in 2nd overall.  Master Chino said, "I look at local tournaments as a way to get the kids' palette wet and to get them back in the tourney psyche."  He continued, "What matters to me is for Sydney to stick to what she knows because she is practicing hard for the State, National and US Open stage.  To me, the scoring there is what matters."

Alyssa, Treven, Collin and Sydney helped represent Generation TKD in the sparring portion of the event.  Collin and Treven met up at the final round of their division and fought each other as adversary rather than friends.  Both kids did not hold back and tried as they may with arsenals Master Chino taught them.  Master Chino enthusiastically praised, "Awesome fight!  Both boys are coming up to speed and their techniques are progressing really well."  

Sydney fought against a competitor she has faced in the past.  Even with Sydney being a year younger, smaller in stance and lighter in weight, she was able to only lose one point behind her.  Master Chino said, "Reactionary time is still a bit slow, but I could see her getting more aggressive.  More work to be done."

Alyssa was the last of the bunch to finish off the Open.  Though she lost against a taller opponent, she fought hard and did not back down.  She was able to sneak in a really sweet hook kick in the head that made Generation TKD's section stand up and clap.  Master Chino summarized, "When she got that hook kick, I knew I got something to work with Alyssa.  We are gonna learn how to sneak that in at the right time because she found that right time against Precision and used it.  Oh yeah we're gonna use that."

Overall, for those who were able to attend, the American TKD Open was a good event to get back in the swing of things as far as feeling the crowd and the tourney vibe.  It was big enough and loud enough for the kids to feel the energy.  It provided Generation that tournament jitters and anxiousness just before the big California States Championship event.