Generation TKD

Results Are In...The Rumble Was a SUCCESS!

Carla Bayot

After Generation TKD's 1st ever rumble, exit polls heavily leaned towards "A SUCCESS!"  The team effort to execute such an event reached as far into the echelons of each family member who wanted to make sure all visitors and competitors were able to enjoy and focus all their attention on the kids.  Suit up, gear up and fight, was the loudest mantra of the day.  Kids, their teammates and coaches strategized and paired up with anyone deemed to help them elevate their game to the next level. As the day waned away, each competitor who left mentioned that they at least had 10 fights.  10 fights!  From a rumble/scrimmage event that was a rarity.

Special commendation to Master Chino, the ring managers, door and entrance managers, referees, daedo technicians and medic support for making the experience on the floor almost unerring.  Competitors and their coaches were able to squeeze in many fights because of how our floor and door volunteers were able to steer each fighter to the warm up area and their rings.  Master Chino quipped, "I'm so happy on how productive these kids are, and I hope they don't look at this as a tournament.  I want them to look at these matches as a way to practice their strategies and drills."  To one parent from Tornado, he said, "This is the first rumble my kid got 12 matches in.  In my book that was worth the trek from the Central Valley."

Another special shout out was to the food court group.  One attending parent said, "It was such a relief that there were drinks and snacks readily available.  We didn't have to worry about where things were and where to buy extra snacks.  It was so convenient to just reach over the divider and get a Gatorade."  The head coordinator for this event, Jill Abcede said, "The entire staff wanted to make sure that competitors and spectators had everything readily available, so that they can concentrate and get their moneys worth."

Master Chino was especially honored at the huge showing from Manila, Tornado, Elite, Escolta, Smash Gym and Cutting Edge.  He added, "I am humbled and grateful."  The rumble/scrimmage was the first of many more to come for Generation TKD reaching out to the TKD community."  Master Chino voiced, "This rumble was for my competition members.  All of this was for them.  What we raised here is for my kids.  They've been working hard in making this happen.  And that is how committed they are.  When they shine and we all shine."  The kids knew the hard work they need to put in order to achieve their dreams, and Master Chino is there to support each one of them to attain it.  Click here to view a little video of the Rumble in under 4 min.

Click on the picture to view our Video of the Rumble/Scrimmage on our Facebook Page.

Click on the picture to view our Video of the Rumble/Scrimmage on our Facebook Page.