Generation TKD

Generation TKD Attends Stanford Fall Scrimmage

Carla Bayot

Generation TKD and Manila TKD athletes’ eye on the prize for the upcoming 2018 US Open was in full display this past Saturday at the Stanford Scrimmage.  Attending this yearly event was top on the list for Master Chino because of the number of attendees from all over the bay, and some even from afar.  They all came in different ages, belts and sizes, which helped contribute to more sparring practice for his kids.  Rumbles and scrimmages offered some exceptional cross training to help gain confidence, practice what they know and get some new knowledge of themselves.


From a movie perspective, one can surmise the premise of a scrimmage/rumble was similar to fight club where you can pick and choose who to challenge.  Minus the violent and bloody scenes, sparring athletes used events like these to size themselves against an opponent they believe can help them grow.  Master Chino said, “they should fight as many athletes of their similar weight and belt to help them get better.  I want them to bring back what they learn of themselves in the studio, and apply my teachings.”  

Up next in the docket is Generation TKD’s Fall rumble event.  Master Chino created such an event to make sure kids have the same opportunity of practices they get from Stanford’s scrimmages.  After all, it’s no coincidence both scrimmages are happening when the TKD season is leading up to the next TKD international event -- the US Open.