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Generation TKD Cross-Trains with Taema TKD

Carla Bayot

Master Chino and Master Andrew Suh grew up together in the world of TKD under the tutelage of different dojangs.  Their admiration and respect from another was evident even after they hung up fighting for glory and honor.  Their passion for the sport enacted a different kind of passion.  Their decision to open their own dojangs, Generation TKD and Taema TKD, was due to the love for the sport and the want to spread the joy it gave them.  

A few times a year, both Masters scheduled cross-training times between their black belt competitors.  The purpose of having their athletes meet was to break the monotony and be able to practice with different kids.  It was similar to the notion of a tournament where they meet new kids all the time, except the kids can practice and learn from each other.  The camaraderie between the kids were both educational and nurturing.  But don’t be tricked that once in an actual tournament, these kids will turn into fight mode.  Looking back and finding that parallel, both Masters were trying to impart such attitude to their kids.  Master Chino said, “I want the kids to cross-train with Master Suh’s kids hard, but I also want them to understand that they can respect and fight hard at the same time.  These kinds of relationships will transcend time.  Believe me it's a long career.”  He continued, “You’ll never know maybe one of my kids will open up their own dojang and one of Master Suh’s kids will open another.  The cycle then continues, and that is what we want to impart.”

In part, the premise of the the Generation Rumble that is happening on Dec 2nd was the cross-training between friendly schools, but now Master Chino opens it up to everyone in the TKD local community.  Master Chino summarized, “athletes need muscle confusion, and these rumbles/scrimmages are supposed to create that.  It will stimulate their fighting strategies and learn new things."

Generation TKD's Fall Rumble Scrimmage Early Bird

Generation TKD's Fall Scrimmage Rumble

Early Registration online pricing is at $30, but after October 29th the fee will go up to $35 at the door.

We accept credit card or cash payments at the door.

When: December 2, 2017
Time: 11am-3pm
Where: Smash Gym
             616 S. Main Street
             Milpitas, CA 95035

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