Generation TKD

Generation TKD's 2017 Halloween Celebration

Carla Bayot

Miniature ghouls, goblins and ghosts roamed Generation TKD studio for most of Sunday afternoon.  It was an undeniable response of “oooooos, ahhhs and awwws” as they whizzed by the parents with all their cuteness and cuddliness.  Every year, Master Chino reveled at all the fun and levity Halloween offered, and it’s befitting that he invited all his students to the studio to come all dolled up to the scariest or cutest.


Generation TKD decorations were led by Janelle Abcede and Pia Ramos with some help from the competition team family.  Their vision and plan came to full fruition as the kids entered the studio with their costumes and food trays.  It was an undeniable specter to not see the kids wearing their dobok and fighting gears.  Master Chino was alit in his own facial expressions as he cradled Kaleo in his arms.  He said, “I love it when the kids just chill and have a good time.”  


Games, candies and guessing who-is-who were at the forefront on the kids’ minds.  They had not a care in the world as they tried to barter the contents of their own goody bags.  The athletes’ parents were no different.  They mingled, ate and took part on some games as well, but really they were there for the food upon food on hand.  Master Chino expressed with much satisfaction, “when the kids are having fun, I’m having fun.  These kids are infectious.  They work hard and play hard.  Watch come Monday, they’re all back to business.  I love these kids.”


With that said, Master Chino and the athletes of Generation TKD wish everyone a safe and scary Halloween!