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Generation TKD Fall Rumble Scrimmage New Date: December 2, 2017

Carla Bayot

A letter from Master Chino Cruz:

Dear sirs and athletes,

Stanford TKD team released their Fall Scrimmage Classic this week.  Unfortunately, it will be held on November 4 on the same day as ours.  Generation TKD is an avid Stanford TKD supporter.  As a team, GT attends all their scrimmages every year.  Stanford TKD will offer plenty of opportunities for your athletes to find a good sparring partner from all over the Bay Area.  We have complete faith in their ability to create the perfect venue for all our kids to have a great time.

In effect, Generation TKD scrimmage will be postponed to December 2nd, and we hope you all will be able to join us on our event as well.  We will be extending the promotional code assigned to your school until November 20th, and we will honor those who already signed up with us.  We apologize for the schedule change.

Thank you,

Master Chino Cruz

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