Generation TKD

Generation TKD Attends TET Festival Tournament and UC Davis Rumble

Carla Bayot

Another first of the season for Generation TKD, UC Davis Rumble and TET Festival Tournament in San Jose.  Master Chino's school has grown so much this past year, that he was able to command and conquer his competition team into two fronts.  

Master Chino sent Coaches Janelle Abcede and Bryson Barbadillo to lead his colored belts and black belts (not competing for the US Open) to the local tournament TET Festival.  GT frequents the event yearly, and does very well in sparring.  As of recently as only last year, Master Chino opened his team into competing in forms.  4 of them signed up for double duty, and Nico Abcede won his way to his first gold in forms as a green belt.  "Perseverance and focus is what Master Chino wants us to instill in these kids.  In time, their confidence will just shine brighter which will cut our work down to half," Coach Abcede reflected.

Heading 2 hours north to UC Davis, Master Chino along with his black belts attended a rumble/scrimmage.  He brought the kids who are competing in Las Vegas in less than 3 weeks at the US Open.  His goal was for them to get additional matches which will help them get ready for such an international stage.  Such an extra practice "will only add to their repertoire and quick strategy thinking," he quipped.  The rumbles at Davis were one round 1 1/2 minute matches.  The kids pick and choose who they want to fight, and they can garner upwards as much as 15 matches packed into the 4 hours of the event.  It's not for the faint of heart because for the black belts head shots can mean a black eye, as you can see with Jasmine Garcia who took a nice round house to the left eye.  That's gotta hurt, but Master Chino said, "that is olympic style taekwondo. There will be bumps and bruises, scars and cuts but at the end of the day, if you learned something then it is all worth it."

The weekend's events were a sign of the times for the next 6 months.  The road to the US National Championship begins now, and Master Chino's job is to make sure he will be there every step of the way.