Generation TKD

Belt Promotion -- To Celebrate the New Year For Generation TaeKwonDo

Carla Bayot

To many, Friday the 13th was a day dedicated mostly to Jason Voorhees' slasher movies, which have instilled fears to many.  For Master Chino, last Friday the 13th was the first promotion to open up 2017.  Promotions happen only 3 times a year, and for him he only selects those he thinks are ready to face the next level of their Tae Kwon Do career.  The kids ranged from 5 years to 13 years of age, who he deemed "ready to shed their white, yellow, green, blue or red belts."

To the kids who promoted out of red belt, Master Chino said, "this is a time of their lives where they leave the confines of the colored belt world.  They will begin and enter a new chapter where their wills, stamina and passion are tested."  He also said, "it's important that the kids know the path to red is not an easy one, and so once you reach testing for Junior Black the kids should feel a sense of accomplishment."  

Master Chino's testing comprised of basic kicks/blocks/punches, forms, board breaking, questions and sparring.  He left no one not sweating, panting nor shaking.  Nerves, adrenaline and excitement was palpable in the room.  To the kids, the moment they test was not only rewarding, but a great confidence builder that no adult can ever really understand -- except maybe for Master Chino.  "Kids are all about milestones and goals.  They're not aware of it, but they look forward to these things because it's like a gauge of how far they've come," he concluded.  

Master Chino has in the past used these promotions to begin eyeing those who he thinks are competition team members material. Those he deemed worthy will definitely hear from him, and understand he's going to keep his eye on them or just in plain sight invite them.

In the end, it's always all about the kids and how Generation TKD could in some way assist their growth.  Talent is dormant until awoken by the right inspiration, and to those few, Generation TKD awakens it and become champions.