Generation TKD

The Road To Nationals for Generation TKD

Carla Bayot

The countdown to Nationals begins today!  Though we don’t know the exact date when in July 2017 Nationals will be, USA Taekwondo is excited to announce that the 2017 National Championships will be held in Detroit, Michigan.  Further details will be released next week, along with information on the 2018 & 2019 National Championships host cities.  Let’s all cross our fingers that San Jose, CA will be one of the hosting states for the future dates.  After all, we need to represent our home city.

Regardless of when and where Nationals will be held, Master Chino is always of the mindset, “the road to Nationals” begins when the week after the previous Nationals ended.  It’s a never ending form of hunger he wants his kids to always crave.  For him, getting ready for Nationals is a whole body and life experience.  Train hard comes in many forms for him — meditate, take breaks, eat right, rest, drink lots of water, do well in school and practice what you learn — these are clear mantras he evokes to his kids.  Training for him is an “all the time” state of mind.  

Master Chino said, “When your mind is connected to your body, the soul is immediately nourished.”  He simply wants his kids not to just focus on a certain event to get better. He provides a sustainable approach for his kids to gear up as if they’re always going to compete to be the best.  “Always put your best foot forward on everything you do.  All I could ask is when you commit, you commit full heartedly,” quipped Master Chino.  So you see, the road to Nationals is a way of life for Generation TKD kids.  It is just an event, but it’s an event kids strive for on their everyday goals.