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Carla Bayot

Master Chino’s thoughts on TaeKwonDo outreach is limitless.  He sees TKD as a way of life, which spans from 4 years old to 80 years old.  He believes joining TKD at the age of 40 years old is the same as joining it at 4 years old.  Of course, there are some modifications and differences based on age.  Take for instance, the intense sport olympic style sparring and poomsae training he provides for the much younger crowd caters to their ability to heal faster, flex more and be lighter on their feet. As oppose to the lessons for a 40 year old, which helps them relieve stress, keeps them in shape, strengthens their muscles and teaches themself-defense.  In a nutshell, the art of TaeKwonDo is an open slate for beginners, intermediate and advance level students at Generation TaeKwonDo

Master Chino’s students’ takeaway from TKD are life goals.  Dedicated to building good citizens through the art of Taekwondo, Master Chino focuses on a multitude of life aspects on mental, physical, and spiritual training to create a world of impactful students.  Generation TKD helps provide the basic, as well as competitive art of TaeKwonDo.  Students build upon the very foundations they learn from Master Chino, and attribute a similar process to other goals in their lives.  He always tells his students, “If I can someway help positively affect a student’s life mentally and/or physically, then I’ve done my job correctly.”  

The grandeur of TKD to Master Chino is all about longevity. He believes, “Life is long.  We all have to make the best of if, and just try to be there for each other.” He understands that taking up TKD at any age is daunting.  As classes progress, students realize the fear is really within themselves.  Master Chino makes sure that he is there every step of the way to help make their sessions fulfilling and fun!

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Our adults learning WTF Form 1

Our adults learning WTF Form 1