Generation TKD

Generation TKD Parents -- The Quiet Heroes

Carla Bayot

For many parents in Generation TKD, sacrifice is one word that comes to mind.  Day in and day out, students’ journey is not possible without the parental sacrifices of getting their children to class, events and tournaments.   An average of 3 - 5 hours a week is the going rate parents expend.  Monetarily parents know very well that TKD expenses can be quite costly.  Parents disregard all of this because they know the great lessons Master Chino invests in their kids to empower them, to understand the positive life benefits in art of TKD is priceless.

For some more than others, Generation classes, events and tournaments have become a source for some very meaningful friendships to flourish.  Despite the many different reasons why parents signed their children in TKD, relationships are formed, fast and very strong.  One exceptional relationships are molded and shaped very quickly are the parents in Generation TKD’s competition team.

Once a student’s invite to become a school team member, the journey is quite involved.  They travel in packs.  They get to know each other during long tournament waits (sometimes ranging from 7am to past midnight).  They look out for each other’s children.  They share hugs during wins and losses. In other words, parents become heavily invested in their children’s success (win or loose).

An eventual friendship blossoms amidst all the trials and tribulations that occurs in a span of a whole season, and eating becomes the one binding element during all of these sacrifices.  They love to eat and chat about food.  Master Chino said, “There is always food outside the dojang.  It doesn’t matter what is going on inside, the parents conglomerate, chat and bring snacks.”  Sometimes, they even take it to a restaurant or someone’s house to continue the fiesta.

After all is said and done, the mutual admiration amongst parents is quite strong, and it seeps onto their own children’s relationship during TKD classes, events and tournaments.  Master Chino often reflects and says, “without parents participation, Generation will keep going, but it won’t be as cohesive and strong.  There is clearly strength in numbers beyond my kids.  Add the parents into the mix, I feel like we are unstoppable.  I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the parents, because of all of you, our students will grow as an impactful human beings in this world.”