Generation TKD

Last Belt Promotion For The Year at Generation TKD

Carla Bayot

For many students in Generation TKD, signing up for martial arts was at first a daunting task.  Whatever the reason may be, joining TKD meant staying active, be courteous, gain confidence, learn and develop skills, compete in tournaments and getting promoted every few months or so.

Last Thursday and Friday, belt promotions occurred from ages 4-50+ years old.  Master Chino conducted and administered the events.  When he looked among the sea of participants, he looked tall and proud on what his students accomplished the past few months.  His belt promotions were goals set for students to strive for in their Tae Kwon Do training and personal improvement.  

Obtaining the new belt, students often ask themselves why am I doing this? For many of the younger students, it was to build confidence, humility, perseverance, indomitable spirit and integrity.  At a young age, TKD helps instill such traits and motivate self-improvements.  For his adult students, joining TKD helps them to stay active and to be very present in their children’s chosen sport.  Master Chino said, “Leading by example is how our school/family was built.  We make sure that we prop each other up and help each other by example.”

Master Chino’s belt promotion test involved drills, sparring, forms, board breaking and personal questions.  Each student did not fail because they all did their best.