Generation TKD

Generation TKD Halloween Party

Carla Bayot

When you find Harry Potter, Vampires and Chucky in the same room, it has to be for one epic party, and that's exactly what happened at Generation TKD, on Sunday.

While costumes and candies are staple at every Halloween party, it meant much more for the kids at Generation TKD.

It's just a fun day to really hear a lot of giggle in times when training hard and practicing forms is at times the main focus for our kids.  While many of the children spend their days doing homework, chores and after school activities, Sunday, they got to forget about all of it and focus on fun.

And the event wouldn't be possible without the help of Generation staff and parents chipping in to decorate, bring food and drinks, and get the word out. They brought their friends and family members, and some even dressed up as beloved a Minnie Mouse and a HRC supporter.

“I looked over and saw 3 ninjas right there and then I saw Pikachu and Elsa.  I was just like 'oh,man! Alright, I'm in the Twilight Zone,'" said Master Chino.  “Costumes these days are so much more creative.  It’s probably because of YouTube and Instagram.  Kids just soak it up and wanna imitate.”

When you entered Generation TKD, you don’t even recognize the school.  Instructor Janelle Abcede and her family went to town with the decorations, complete with smoke machines, balloons and zombies.  The creativity and enthusiasm this year has been the best since recent past.  Students and parents were in awe and thankful for this wonderful reprieve and celebration.  "I love Halloween, it's one of my favorite holidays.  So, I just love that they're putting a lot of effort into it and making it fun," proclaimed Master Chino.

Continued Master Chino, “Seeing the kids smile makes it all worth it.  A day like today, where the kids are able to come in and enjoy doing their little festivities is just a huge thing for all of us to see.”  These parties aren't just for Halloween either.  Next up, Christmas!!!

Thank You,
Master Chino