Generation TKD

2016 Generation TKD Christmas Party

Carla Bayot

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…is literally the most popular song that pops in everyone’s head when the thought of Christmas comes to mind.  Halloween is still a stones throw away, yet Costco and IKEA have Christmas decors up and blinking for us to feel that magic that only comes once a year.  Generation TKD is no different.

Master Chino’s quest to make sure this annual tradition is fun and exciting as ever, begins as early as September.  Tarragon Restaurant has already earned critical acclaim, from top Bay Area critics and the community.  Tarragon Restaurant brings the warmth and charm to Silicon Valley. Tarragon cuisine is served in an environment where hospitality is the focus. At Tarragon, the staff make you feel instantly welcome as if you were arriving at an old friend’s home for dinner; “an old world tradition”.  Sounds familiar?  It is because Master Chino strives the same at his TKD Dojang.  

Tarragon’s willingness to work with Master Chino and his staff to provide the best possible event is “icing on the cake,” or more apropos for this occasion “star atop the tree.”  Moving along, the party will have plenty of levity, fun, all you can eat food, dancing, raffles and gift exchanges.  Master Chino hopes that all his students and their family join him in beginning the Holiday festivities. 

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Generation TKD's Fall Rumble Scrimmage Early Bird
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Generation TKD's Fall Rumble Scrimmage Early Bird

Generation TKD's Fall Scrimmage Rumble

Early Registration online pricing is at $30, but after October 29th the fee will go up to $35 at the door.

We accept credit card or cash payments at the door.

When: December 2, 2017
Time: 11am-3pm
Where: Smash Gym
             616 S. Main Street
             Milpitas, CA 95035

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