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Happy Easter From Generation TKD

Carla Bayot

To most Christians, Good Friday was a holiday commemorating the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and his death.  It was observed as a day of mourning, which was followed by a day of celebration on Easter Sunday.  Easter is a festival of all sorts of celebration associated with the resurrection of Jesus from the dead.

To Master Chino, the meaning of Easter had always been an important lesson in his household. Master Cruz and his mom reminded him and his siblings of Jesus Christ's passion and sacrifices for us.  He kept His story in his heart and mind, especially during this auspicious weekend.  The teachings in His story taught him to live life with gratitude and to be thankful for the friends and family he has in his life. It also taught him how to live with passion, to allow his purpose to be the driving force that shaped his destiny. Easter was a time to recognize that we are given only what God knows we can handle. It's a time to be with the ones we love and to share the joy we have with one another.

As testament to everything Master Chino lived and abided by, he imparted these passions, sacrifices and faithfulness to his students at Generation TKD.  He strived always inspire and motivate his kids to find in themselves the story that will move them to be the grown up they wish to be.  Last night a belt promotion test occurred.  One student in particular who struck Master Chino the most was Jarod Ilas's promotion from red to junior black belt.  At one point, he could not break the last of the 4 boards he needed to break to seal the deal of his promotion.  For the life of him, Jarod kept coming short, until Master Chino spoke to him as if the two of them were the only ones in the room. Jarod mustered up the last bit of his energy and combined with some of Master Chino's words of inspiration.  The board broke in 2 and the audience went into a frenzied elation.

Master Chino expects excellence based on a number of factors not just one.  Just like his faith in Jesus, he used His teachings as the basis of how he conducts his school.  With that said, we from Generation TKD wish everyone a great Easter.

California State Championship Recap

Carla Bayot

Two weekends ago, Generation TKD competition team and their families hopped on to Fresno for the California State Championship.  Needless to say. Master Chino was pumped and in the end all the athletes represented the team and themselves to the best of their abilities."  Master Chino said, "My expectations for these kids are pretty high.  The 2 days of competition was action packed, and in the end all my kids showed character and perseverance."  

One kid in particular who elevated the Generation TKD name as well as his was Russell Sambrano.  He was a back-to-back California State Champ in the Cadet bantam weight division brought down the Fresno Convention Center roof.  His serene and astute style of fighting was what made him dangerous.  He looked for the right opportunity, and never wasted his energy on hits he knew will go no where.  Master Chino mustered up, "Russell is as elite as it gets in the world of sparring.  His regimen - diet, workout and meditation, has built up to this moment.  He is ripe to win it all in the very near future."

As for the rest of his teammates, Tristan, Nathan, Kaelynn, Nico, Redrick, Jayden, Jeremiah, Sydney, Althea, Angel, Troy, Angelo, Jasmine, Alyssa, Treven and Collin their showings were for naught.  Nathan, Nico, Kaelynn, Jayden and Sydney did Generation proud by showing their A-game in poomsae.  Needless to say, the competitors in poomsae will shake at the mere mention that Generation's prowess would not remain just in sparring.  Master Chino chimed, "My kids' showing in forms at States was phenomenal.  I can't say enough good things about my forms coaches Mr. Joey Abcede and Mr. Andrew Moon.  Their respective students all showed up, and brought home medals."

Sparring for the young ones were strong and full of the Generation strength.  Our very own Jean Claude Van Damme star Redrick was every bit the showman he was.  Behind all the glitter was gold for that young man.  Not only did he gap them, but he did not even let them score.  As for the Cadets and Junior kids, Jeremiah's rookie showing at States was so memorable and impressive, he spoke to his dad about continuing it into the National stage in July.  Master Chino spoke of his elation, "That kid had no bye and he fought every single one of his opponents with such gusto.  They shuddered at the mere presence of his confidence and height.  I expect great things to happen with this young man." 

Hard work begins, now.  Qualifying was essential, but the true grit and determination would be measured on the regimen the kids would put in on the road to Nationals.  It was a mere 2 1/2 months away, but those 2 1/2 months will come faster than any of these kids can imagine. 

Last Fight Before States For Generation TKD

Carla Bayot

This is it!  States is just but a stones throw away, and the American TKD Open was just the right size of a tournament to get the Generation TKD kids ready.

First up was Sydney Moon competing in youth forms ring.  There was a field of 7 competitors which they split into 2 groups of 4 and 3. She ended up in the group of 4, where one of the competitor she met at the US Open.  As always, the unpredictability of TKD local tournaments was evident at the American Open.  Sydney lost out to the competitor who she beat out at the US Open tournament.  She was not so lucky here where she came in 2nd overall.  Master Chino said, "I look at local tournaments as a way to get the kids' palette wet and to get them back in the tourney psyche."  He continued, "What matters to me is for Sydney to stick to what she knows because she is practicing hard for the State, National and US Open stage.  To me, the scoring there is what matters."

Alyssa, Treven, Collin and Sydney helped represent Generation TKD in the sparring portion of the event.  Collin and Treven met up at the final round of their division and fought each other as adversary rather than friends.  Both kids did not hold back and tried as they may with arsenals Master Chino taught them.  Master Chino enthusiastically praised, "Awesome fight!  Both boys are coming up to speed and their techniques are progressing really well."  

Sydney fought against a competitor she has faced in the past.  Even with Sydney being a year younger, smaller in stance and lighter in weight, she was able to only lose one point behind her.  Master Chino said, "Reactionary time is still a bit slow, but I could see her getting more aggressive.  More work to be done."

Alyssa was the last of the bunch to finish off the Open.  Though she lost against a taller opponent, she fought hard and did not back down.  She was able to sneak in a really sweet hook kick in the head that made Generation TKD's section stand up and clap.  Master Chino summarized, "When she got that hook kick, I knew I got something to work with Alyssa.  We are gonna learn how to sneak that in at the right time because she found that right time against Precision and used it.  Oh yeah we're gonna use that."

Overall, for those who were able to attend, the American TKD Open was a good event to get back in the swing of things as far as feeling the crowd and the tourney vibe.  It was big enough and loud enough for the kids to feel the energy.  It provided Generation that tournament jitters and anxiousness just before the big California States Championship event.

Results Are In...The Rumble Was a SUCCESS!

Carla Bayot

After Generation TKD's 1st ever rumble, exit polls heavily leaned towards "A SUCCESS!"  The team effort to execute such an event reached as far into the echelons of each family member who wanted to make sure all visitors and competitors were able to enjoy and focus all their attention on the kids.  Suit up, gear up and fight, was the loudest mantra of the day.  Kids, their teammates and coaches strategized and paired up with anyone deemed to help them elevate their game to the next level. As the day waned away, each competitor who left mentioned that they at least had 10 fights.  10 fights!  From a rumble/scrimmage event that was a rarity.

Special commendation to Master Chino, the ring managers, door and entrance managers, referees, daedo technicians and medic support for making the experience on the floor almost unerring.  Competitors and their coaches were able to squeeze in many fights because of how our floor and door volunteers were able to steer each fighter to the warm up area and their rings.  Master Chino quipped, "I'm so happy on how productive these kids are, and I hope they don't look at this as a tournament.  I want them to look at these matches as a way to practice their strategies and drills."  To one parent from Tornado, he said, "This is the first rumble my kid got 12 matches in.  In my book that was worth the trek from the Central Valley."

Another special shout out was to the food court group.  One attending parent said, "It was such a relief that there were drinks and snacks readily available.  We didn't have to worry about where things were and where to buy extra snacks.  It was so convenient to just reach over the divider and get a Gatorade."  The head coordinator for this event, Jill Abcede said, "The entire staff wanted to make sure that competitors and spectators had everything readily available, so that they can concentrate and get their moneys worth."

Master Chino was especially honored at the huge showing from Manila, Tornado, Elite, Escolta, Smash Gym and Cutting Edge.  He added, "I am humbled and grateful."  The rumble/scrimmage was the first of many more to come for Generation TKD reaching out to the TKD community."  Master Chino voiced, "This rumble was for my competition members.  All of this was for them.  What we raised here is for my kids.  They've been working hard in making this happen.  And that is how committed they are.  When they shine and we all shine."  The kids knew the hard work they need to put in order to achieve their dreams, and Master Chino is there to support each one of them to attain it.  Click here to view a little video of the Rumble in under 4 min.

Click on the picture to view our Video of the Rumble/Scrimmage on our Facebook Page.

Click on the picture to view our Video of the Rumble/Scrimmage on our Facebook Page.

A Closer Step Towards Black Belt

Carla Bayot

To so many of the Generation TKD students, belt promotions were one of those rite of passages kids were eager to reach.  Another step attained and another step closer to their black belt goal.  Master Chino helped manifest these dreams, and hoped to build self-confidence, integrity and an indomitable spirit.  Master Chino said, "It is how a student looks within themselves during a test, and how they process through their promotion.  This is what I try to observe during the test."

For some of the belt testers, they were not part of Master Chino's highly competitive competition team members.  He acknowledged that not everyone who signs up with him will invest 8-10 hours of TKD training.  To most, the 2 to 3 times of regular class training was all they could muster.  Master Chino firmly expressed, "I adjust my requirements accordingly as to what I expect. I grades them based on their journey during the test, and not how many boards they break."

As for his more mature students, Master Chino promoted 7 of his green belters to green advance.  Another adult milestone to add under their ever growing belt collection.  To the young kids already enrolled in Master Chino's regular classes, the adult class was no comparison.  The adult class was attended purely for self-motivation to keep active and to learn a thing or two about themselves.  When they all first started, Master Chino nurtured their very humble dreams of "I just want to stay active."  Fast forward a year later, Master Chino asked them during their test, "Why are you still in TKD?"

Susan, whose son is Master Joseph Ong is a 4th degree Black Belt, stated with confidence, "I started it and my goal is to finish it.  I don't quit and I wanna attain my Black Belt."  Proudly, Master Joseph gushed about his mother, "she has been my biggest fan and support.  Mom has always put all of us first, and I'm glad she's doing this for herself."

Arnel Agustin drummed out the same goal of someday attaining his black belt and maybe compete at the American Open in 2 weeks.  He could not even disguise his giddiness at the thought that he could very well compete just like his daughter Kaelynn, "Instead of a father-daughter dance, maybe we could do a father-daughter forms pairing."

Jhet Clemente quickly responded, "Well if I encourage both my kids to compete, I feel like I could too.  I want to someday be as good as my boys and share with them my own dreams of being a black belt."  Jhet worked out a goal with Master Chino that he wanted to shed some weight in order to fulfill the goal of maybe competing at the California State Championship.

Master Chino's very own mother Minette was asked the same question, and happily proclaimed, "I'm still here and to see if I can push my capacity.  My goal is to hopefully reach red and then black.  Remembering Chino grow up under his father's tutelage, I have a better empathy of what it really takes to do TKD.  Now, I do this for myself and my grandkids."

Helen Lee's daughter Bailey joined TKD 1.5 years ago.  To Helen, Bailey was all the motivation she needed to use TKD as a form of exercise.  She added, "I want to continue and not give up because I want Bailey to know that I know what she's going through.  I want to be a good example for her, and I will go through almost anything for my kids"  Her personal goal was also to get to black belt as well. 

Ana Sabau stuck it out in TKD because she see it as a challenge and a great stress reliever.  "I stick it out because I want Sophia to know that I will do this her.  Mother and daughter will be a formidable pairing once we both get our black belts," she laughed.

Ana's husband and fellow classmate Andre simply uttered, "I joined because it makes Sophia happy and makes Ana happy.  Happy Wife Happy Life.  They are my everything."

Master Chino believed that the improvement of students starting out and seeing their parents working out with them becomes an inspiration to the kids.  There is room in TKD for all ages.  After a little over a year of attending, his adult students are true testaments that it is never too late to become a black belt, and he will for sure keep holding their hands until they attain it.

Let's Get Ready To Rummmmmmmmble!

Carla Bayot

Generation Taekwondo is excited to host its 1st Rumble on Saturday, March 11, 2017 in the Smash Gyms located at 616 S. Main Street Milpitas, CA 95035

Athletes of all experience levels from age 7 to 17 are welcome to compete.

We look forward to providing young Taekwondo athletes plenty of matches and tournament-like experience without the high cost, long wait and single-elimination pressure. 
If you have never attended a sparring rumble, the premise is simple: 

  • We provide rings. 
  • Participants, Coaches and Parents show up, check in and start finding someone interested in having a sparring match with their player. 
  • After the match, bow, shake hands, find another match and start again. 

Take advantage of our early registration and join us. Come test your skills, practice for upcoming tournaments, and make new friends!

It is always a pleasure for us to see your level of progress, passion, and enthusiasm for Taekwondo. Special thanks in advance to parents and coaches for supporting and encouraging these young athletes!

Have questions about Generation Taekwondo Rumble? Please contact

Generation TKD US Open TKD 2017 Results Are In

Carla Bayot

2017 US Open in Las Vegas, Nevada came and went as the last of the Generation TKD competition team member fought to make sure team GT did not come home medal-less.  Russell Sambrano didn't win the coveted gold medal, but rather took home a much deserved silver in his cadet 65kg division.  Along with his medal, the biggest price he came home with was Master Chino's utmost respect.  At the end of Russell's match, Master Chino said with a sigh of relief, "Maaannn... what a PHENOMENAL performance from him today.  He's been consistently in the top 3 nationally for 2 years regardless of the age and belt."  He was completely smitten by Russell's mental and professional strength.  He cannot help but beam to his other students that this is a fellow team member who they should fashion in their own way.


5 out of the 6 team members who attended with Russell, the 2017 US Open was their first fray into international competition.  3 of them to be exact attended the tournament as recent junior black belts.  Master Chino remarked, "I do not differentiate between my black belts.  I expect all of them to put their best foot forward on any of the nationally or internationally USAT sanctioned games."  He only hoped for Angeleen, Troy, Angelo, Angel and Sydney to use the experience as a learning vessel.  Colored belt division paled in comparison to what the black belt division events brought because the seriousness of the event was palpable in everyone's faces.

Sparring amongst the world's best was not a small feat.  Angelo and Troy exited the tourney after losing their second match.  Master Chino added, "I want both those boys to learn why they lost, and for them to use that to keep the hunger alive.  They need to taste the defeat before they can fully embrace the wins."  Angeleen, Sydney and Angel succumbed early in their first match losses.  "From here on," Master Chino said, "the next steps for them is to be agile and fight like tacticians.  Winning the first match is key for the kids because it is that first win that will boost their confidence."

Generation TKD debuted their poomsae program with Sydney competing in World Class poomsae.  Her competitors were truly crisp, precise and seasoned.  She fielded against 21 black belt competitors, and placed 5th just missing the last medal spot by 0.15.  Master Chino's head coach for poomsae Coach Moon said, "To come out 5th is not bad for a 2 week old junior black belt rookie in world class bunch.  We at least know now what we are up against, and will just have to work little by little to learn the scoring game."  

Overall, the international tournament lived up to all its hype.  It brought the world's best of the best.  Every training drill or bouts, Master Chino's hope is for his kids to bring that into any tourney ring.  He needs for them to know how to relax and treat such tourneys like it's just another training day.  Once the kids learn that zen feeling, only then they can strategically learn their opponents.

Vegas Baby! US Open Starts Today!

Carla Bayot

Vegas Baby!  The 2017 US Open is going to be at sunny and dry Las Vegas, Nevada.  Master Chino and 6 of his competition team members will be traveling to compete at the coveted international tournament, attended by only black belts from around the world.  His kids have been training hard for the even for over 2 months.  In addition to their regular practices and scrimmages, he organized some cross training with TAEMA, Manila Taekwondo and M-Team.  

The kids understand the gravity of the US Open because only black belts are allowed to compete.  The glory days of local tournaments and colored belt completions will be a thing of the past for these competitors.  Master Chino stressed, "The degree of complexity and competitiveness in black belt divisions such as the US Open is where real stuff happens.  This is what I have been training these kids for."  He concluded, "Expecting to win all the tournaments as a black belt is unrealistic.  I've told the kids that hard work doesn't always translate to a win because they will be fighting or going against another kid who is either equally as equipped as they are or hungrier."

Russell Sambrano, Angel Garcia, Sydney Moon, Angelo Baraceros, Angeline Rosario and Troy Asia will be sparring on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Only Sydney Moon will be competing in World Class Forms (poomsae) on Tuesday.  To Master Chino, the stakes are high but he would rather know the kids will leave with the experience on what to do next time.  He doesn't like to give them false hopes that just because they did amazing as colored belts that they will come out with golds as a black belt.  He reiterated and stressed, "The continuity of hardworking and determination is what will be the eventual factor for these kids to be successful.  I'd like to wish all our athletes good luck. And remember, the ultimate goal to learn from this experience. Live in the moment and appreciate this opportunity."

Generation TKD Attends TET Festival Tournament and UC Davis Rumble

Carla Bayot

Another first of the season for Generation TKD, UC Davis Rumble and TET Festival Tournament in San Jose.  Master Chino's school has grown so much this past year, that he was able to command and conquer his competition team into two fronts.  

Master Chino sent Coaches Janelle Abcede and Bryson Barbadillo to lead his colored belts and black belts (not competing for the US Open) to the local tournament TET Festival.  GT frequents the event yearly, and does very well in sparring.  As of recently as only last year, Master Chino opened his team into competing in forms.  4 of them signed up for double duty, and Nico Abcede won his way to his first gold in forms as a green belt.  "Perseverance and focus is what Master Chino wants us to instill in these kids.  In time, their confidence will just shine brighter which will cut our work down to half," Coach Abcede reflected.

Heading 2 hours north to UC Davis, Master Chino along with his black belts attended a rumble/scrimmage.  He brought the kids who are competing in Las Vegas in less than 3 weeks at the US Open.  His goal was for them to get additional matches which will help them get ready for such an international stage.  Such an extra practice "will only add to their repertoire and quick strategy thinking," he quipped.  The rumbles at Davis were one round 1 1/2 minute matches.  The kids pick and choose who they want to fight, and they can garner upwards as much as 15 matches packed into the 4 hours of the event.  It's not for the faint of heart because for the black belts head shots can mean a black eye, as you can see with Jasmine Garcia who took a nice round house to the left eye.  That's gotta hurt, but Master Chino said, "that is olympic style taekwondo. There will be bumps and bruises, scars and cuts but at the end of the day, if you learned something then it is all worth it."

The weekend's events were a sign of the times for the next 6 months.  The road to the US National Championship begins now, and Master Chino's job is to make sure he will be there every step of the way.

Belt Promotion -- To Celebrate the New Year For Generation TaeKwonDo

Carla Bayot

To many, Friday the 13th was a day dedicated mostly to Jason Voorhees' slasher movies, which have instilled fears to many.  For Master Chino, last Friday the 13th was the first promotion to open up 2017.  Promotions happen only 3 times a year, and for him he only selects those he thinks are ready to face the next level of their Tae Kwon Do career.  The kids ranged from 5 years to 13 years of age, who he deemed "ready to shed their white, yellow, green, blue or red belts."

To the kids who promoted out of red belt, Master Chino said, "this is a time of their lives where they leave the confines of the colored belt world.  They will begin and enter a new chapter where their wills, stamina and passion are tested."  He also said, "it's important that the kids know the path to red is not an easy one, and so once you reach testing for Junior Black the kids should feel a sense of accomplishment."  

Master Chino's testing comprised of basic kicks/blocks/punches, forms, board breaking, questions and sparring.  He left no one not sweating, panting nor shaking.  Nerves, adrenaline and excitement was palpable in the room.  To the kids, the moment they test was not only rewarding, but a great confidence builder that no adult can ever really understand -- except maybe for Master Chino.  "Kids are all about milestones and goals.  They're not aware of it, but they look forward to these things because it's like a gauge of how far they've come," he concluded.  

Master Chino has in the past used these promotions to begin eyeing those who he thinks are competition team members material. Those he deemed worthy will definitely hear from him, and understand he's going to keep his eye on them or just in plain sight invite them.

In the end, it's always all about the kids and how Generation TKD could in some way assist their growth.  Talent is dormant until awoken by the right inspiration, and to those few, Generation TKD awakens it and become champions.